Why should you get a tattoo from me?

Well, my experience is a bonus- I’ve been tattooing for approximately 10 years– I started in 2006. In that time, I’ve worked with, and learned from, many extremely talented artists in studios all over the world. There’s more to my skill set than just applying tattoos though- I also have a fairly extensive background in illustrative arts, so I can develop your ideas with you.

My artistic style leans towards bold line work design with a strong focus on dynamic perspective. I believe this provides a long-lasting tattoo that lives in the skin as much as it lives on it.

As an artist, I’ve always found it important to keep developing and improving as much as possible, and so I’ve honed my skills in digital painting and drawing, on top of the other, more traditional tattooist mediums: pen-and-ink, watercolour painting, marker art, etc.

I love to tattoo weird, original, fun designs all day- the possibilities are endless. Let’s create something that’s never been done before!

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