Hey all!! We’ve got a piercer working at the studio now, Tatiana Jellison! So if you’ve been looking to get some new body adornments, pop in and get poked!

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Just a quick notice for clients interested in working with Fay. She is booked solid 2 months in advance and has been overwhelmed with emails to multiple social media outlets. We appreciate all of you and Fay will NOT, I repeat, NOT close her books. You just have to be patient and contact her thru the info@pennyblacktattoo.com email address only. Please include Fays name in the subject line, have your idea, size, placement and any reference you feel necessary included in the email, along with your preferred date and times. Including optional dates and times will move things along smoother and faster. Email trails and creativity take time and good things are worth the wait! We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you in the shop soon!

PS – Occasionally, there may be cancellations… rare, I know, but they do happen! Please give a contact number if you would like to be contacted on the off chance a last minute slot opens up!

Ready to Book with Fay?

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